Lavander Lace Collection

The Lace Collection is one of PGA InnovaBred’s signature breeding programs.

This beautiful series was purposefully bred over many years to select varieties that flower prolifically on upright stems held above the foliage. Members of the Lace collection offer mounded habits and superior disease resistance.The stunning colours and very large wing presentation are also features of the entire collection.

Emerging from early winter, these coloured lavender flower heads provide a lively display for what can be a dull time in many garden landscapes. They will gather plenty of attention as stand alone specimens but to make a real impact, repeat plant them around borders to liven up the whole garden. If you really want to make a statement, members of this collection are superb for informal hedging. The foliage is dense and responds well to clipping to produce a neat and tight hedge, then, when flowering begins it will have passerby stopping in their tracks!

Like all lavenders, the foliage releases a delightful fragrance when brushed against or picked so why not hedge a pathway to your entrance or along the street frontage where visitors can best appreciate the aroma. They make ideal companion plants around vegetable plots or fruit trees where their flowers attract pollinators and the foliage can help to repel some pests. There are many reasons why you should add some 'Lace' to your landscape!

Click on a thumbnail below to view the profile some of the ornamental Lace lavenders currently in our range: