Phlox Minnie Pearl

Height 30cm
Spread 45cm
Full sun
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Phlox Minnie Pearl

Variety Profile

Phlox are trouble free and easy plants to grow…they do best planted in the sun but can also do well in semi shade and prefer an open well drained soil. P. Minnie Pearl is a unique variety which is earlier flowering than many - beginning flowering from early spring continuing through into summer an is also extremely mildew resistant.

Foliage is a glossy, deep green topped with large, pure white flowers and has a spreading but non-invasive habit. Trouble free and easy plants to grow.

•Earlier flowering and shorter in habit than other varieties
•Long flowering perennial topped with masses of clustered, pure white flowers from early spring
 to autumn.
•Mildew resistant with a slow spreading habit. •Attracts butterflies and lasts well as a cut flower.

Cultural Care

Prefers an open, well draining soil in a full sun location although afternoon shade will be tolerated. Medium watering requirements withstanding some dryness but should be watered regularly during extended periods of heat. Apply a slow release fertiliser in early spring. Cut back by half and apply slow release fertiliser after each flush of flower. Frost hardy.

Plant Uses

  • Cut flower gardens
  • Rockeries
  • Containers
  • Small Gardens
  • Fast results for new gardens
  • Mixed border
  • General garden use


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