LAVINNOVA® Fairy Wings Radiance

Height 70cm
Spread 70cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® pedunculata Fairy Wings Radiance

Variety Profile

  • Dry tolerant with outstanding performance under Australian conditions.
  • Flowers are produced for a lenghty period begining from late winter into summer.
  • Striking flower heads capped with radiant pink 'ribbons' are highly ornamental in garden or tub displays.
  • Low maintenance, fast and easy to grow.

Cultural Care

Best results achieved when situated in full sun location in most soil types which are well draining.
A light prune after main flowering flush will encourage a dense, compact habit and additional flowering.
Apply slow release fertiliser during late summer to early autumn for optimum results.

Plant Uses

  • Ideal for mixed shrub or floral borders
  • Can be grown in large containers for paved areas, courtyards, decks etc
  • Eye-catching displays can be achieved by planting in drifts - i.e. groups of 3-5
  • Create informal, low hedging
  • Ideal for sensory and childrens gardens
  • Plant in and around edible gardens to attaract pollinators


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