Campanula Blue Waterfall

Height 20cm
Spread to 80cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Campanula poscharskyana Blue Waterfall

Variety Profile

  • Ornamental ground cover which will also trail over walls or embankments.
  • A lengthy display of mid blue, star-shaped flowers from spring through to winter.
  • Deep green foliage forms an evergreen, dense mat ideal for weed suppression.
  • Tolerates dry shade once established.

Cultural Care

Suited to most soil types which are moist but well draining. Trim back after main flowering to encourage neat, dense habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser during early spring for best results.

Plant Uses

  • Mass plant as ground cover for low light areas
  • Will cascade over rockeries, embankments and retaining walls
  • Edging for garden beds, paths or paved areas
  • Small gardens, containers and general garden use


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