• Aromatic foliage
  • Pollinator friendly plant
  • Long flowering

Botanical name Origanum rotundifolium Dingle Fairy

Height 15cm
Spread 30cm
Full sun
Frost hardy

Botanical name Origanum rotundifolium Dingle Fairy

Plant uses

  • Ideal for mixed containers or hanging baskets
  • Edging or mixer plant for herb/vegetable gardens
  • For ornamental use only
  • Will trail over ledges or rockeries

Cultural care

Dry tolerant once established but will benefit from occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat.  Avoid 'wet feet' by growing in well draining soil.  Suited to full sun location.  In colder regions may become herbaceous with fresh new growth reappearing in spring.  Pruning generally not required although older foliage can be trimmed back to tidy if required.  Feed with a slow release fertiliser during spring for optimum results.