• Prolific display of large, showy pink floral spikes.
  • Pollinator friendly plant.
  • Fast growing with aromatic foliage.

Botanical name Agastache hybrid Royal Scepter

Height 1.2m
Spread 80cm
Full sun
Frost hardy

Botanical name Agastache hybrid Royal Scepter

Plant uses

  • Fast results for new gardens
  • Ideal for water wise or low maintenance gardens
  • Suitable for containers and small gardens
  • Proven to perform well in alkaline and saline soils

Cultural care

Easy to grow in most soil types which are well draining.
Low water needs once established requiring only occasional long soak during extended periods of heat.
Semi herbaceous in cool climate during winter. Cut back older foliage at start of spring when new growth appears and apply a slow release fertiliser.
Mulching around plant will help retain moisture during dry periods.