Westringia Smoke Screen Purple

Height 80cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Westringia hybrid Smoke Screen Purple

Variety Profile

  • A prolific display of purple coloured flowers over most seasons.
  • Dense deep green foliage responds well for trimming into formal hedges or topairy work.
  • Compact, fast grower for really quick results.

Cultural Care

Plant in any soil that is well draining. Dry tolerant once established but should be given occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. For best results, feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser. Can be left unpruned in natural settings or clipped as required to maintain a desired size or shape. If growing in containers do not allow to dry out completely. For hedging space plants at approximately 60cm intervals.

Plant Uses

  • Ideal for native gardens and general garden use
  • Can be grow in large tubs and trimmed as topiary
  • Suitable for low maintenance areas
  • Tolerant of coastal or dry conditions


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