Dianthus Memories

Height 30cm
Spread 30cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Dianthus Memories

Variety Profile

Bred specifically to support Alzheimer's research is the beautiful Dianthus 'Memories'. With a pure white bloom, 'Memories' comes from renowned Dianthus specialists Whetman Pinks in the UK. With all the characteristics we have come to expect from modern Dianthus, 'Memories' shares these and more. Long flowering blooms held on sturdy stems, dry tolerance, delightful fragrance and exceptional hardiness are the hallmark breeding traits of its cousins in the well known Whetman Pink Scent First Collection and 'Memories' certainly shares these outstanding features.

'Memories' was purpose bred to raise funds for Alzheimer's research with specific reference given to the strong link between scent and memory. 'Memories' is a fitting variety to represent such a worthy cause.

Of all the 5 senses, scent is proven to be the most powerful trigger of memory. The delightful fragrance of 'Memories' will no doubt transport many of us straight back to our grandmothers gardens and spark fond childhood reflections.

Dianthus 'Memories' is the perfect gift, performing equally well in garden beds, containers or long lasting cut flower displays. 50 cents from the sale of each plant will go directly to the Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation. In the words of Ita Buttrose, NSW Ambassador for Alzheimer's - "I couldn’t think of a better way to honour a loved one than with a beautiful flower such as Dianthus Memories.”

Cultural Care

Dianthus 'Memories' is low maintenance and easy to grow. Apply a slow release fertiliser during early spring. No pruning generally required, although removing old flower stems will encourage further flushes.

Plant Uses

  • Long flowering displays for garden beds
  • Small gardens, patios and courtyards - perfect for containers
  • Exquisite fragrance for entertainment areas and entrance ways
  • Ideal for low edging and borders
  • Mass plant as a ground cover
  • Cut flowers are long lasting for indoor vases


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