Height 1m
Spread 1m
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Polygala myrtifolia x oppositifolia LITTLE BIBI®

Variety Profile

This exciting new Polygala introduction, offering excellent garden attributes, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions.

A naturally dwarf evergreen shrub with glaucous grey green leaves. It flowers heavily with its main flush in spring/summer, and continuously throughout the remainder of the year (depending on location and local conditions) with pretty mauve/purple pea like flowers.

Heat and frost hardy, this tough plant is ideal for a wide range of domestic and commercial landscapes.

Cultural Care

Plant in a well drained soil. Prefers a full sun location for optimum results. although naturally compact, prune to shape if desired after main flowering period, and feed with a slow release general purpose fertiliser.

Little Bibi has low water use once established in the garden or landscape.

Plant Uses

  • Low borders and hedging up to 70cm
  • Containers to brighten up entertainment areas
  • Mixed garden beds
  • Patios and courtyards
  • General garden and landscape use

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