Salvia Waverly

Height 1.2m
Spread 1.4m
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Salvia Waverly

Variety Profile

Fast growing and hardy with almost continual flowering. Long flower stems of soft pink flowers which age to white are contrasted by dark purple calyx and stems for a beautiful effect. Cut for fresh floral arrangements or enjoy in a garden display that will entice birds as well as provide interest for much of the year.

Cultural Care

Low maintenance and easy to grow. Grows well in most free draining soils and is very dry tolerant once established requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Apply a slow release fertiliser in spring. Prune by half after main flowering period to tidy and again in early spring to remove old stems revealing new growth.

Plant Uses

  • Water wise gardens
  • Flower borders
  • Ideal for adding bulk to borders
  • Mass plant for low maintenance areas
  • Fast results for new gardens

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