Dianthus Candy Floss

Height 30cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Dianthus Candy Floss

Variety Profile

  • Beautiful pink, perfumed flowers
  • Compact and free flowering
  • Cut flowers last well for floral arrangements
  • Evergreen and hardy without any special needs
  • Heavy flowering in spring
  • Repeat blooming through autumn

Cultural Care

Once established, plants are quite dry tolerant, requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Low maintenance and easy to grow, apply a slow-release fertiliser during early spring. No pruning is generally required, although removing spent flower stems will encourage repeat blooming. 

Plant Uses

  • Container displays
  • Small gardens, patios and courtyards.
  • Fragrance for entertainment areas and entrances.
  • Ideal for low edging around garden beds or paving .
  • Mass plant as ground cover. Great for rockeries and filling small gaps in perennial borders.
  • Cut flowers

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