• Larger than average flowers over much of the year.
  • Neat, evergreen foliage which will spread and trail.
  • Winter colour.

Botanical name Sutera syn cordata yasflos Starlight

Height 10cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun

Botanical name Sutera syn cordata yasflos Starlight

Plant uses

Ideal for edging beds, borders pathways or even spilling over retaining walls.  A beatuful display can also be created planting in a hanging basket or using as an ingredient in a mixed planting for larger decorative containers.

Cultural care

Best suited to a moist but well drained soil in a full sun location.  Pruning is generally not required although a light trim may be given during late summer to early autumn to reguvenate growth an thus encourage a dense habit.  An application of slow release fertiliser would be beneficial during spring.  Do not allow to dry out during warmer months.