• Ornamental fern-like foliage all year.
  • Colour for low light areas.
  • Front of borders and container use.

Botanical name Polemonium pulcherrium Blue Dove

Height 25cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun

Botanical name Polemonium pulcherrium Blue Dove

Plant uses

An excellent plant for general garden use and suitable for most colour schemes. 'Blue Dove' looks particularly at home in woodland type settings or in the cottage garden.

As mentioned it may be grown in semi shade although this may decrease flower production. This, however, is not necessarily a reason to avoid planting it in such locations as the attractive foliage alone will lend a visual appeal to these often difficult landscaping zones. To accent the foliage further create a foil of foliage behind it using larger, broader leafed plants or those with tall slender foliage such as that of Irises.

Cultural care

P.'Blue Dove' can be grown in both full sun or partial shade. It will flourish in a good open loam that is fairly rich and never very wet although in saying this do not allow the plant to dry out during extended dry periods.

The application of mulch around the plant will help retain moisture but an occasional deep watering through summer will often be required. A light dressing of a slow release fertiliser during spring and again in autumn will be beneficial to overall performance.

No pruning is necessary although old foliage may be removed at the sight of new growth in early spring simply to maintain a neat appearance.

In cooler regions P. 'Blue Dove' may become dormant during the coldest months with foliage returning at the onset of spring.