• Easy to grow with vivid flower display
  • Idea for edging and containers
  • Great in full sun locations

Botanical name Lychnis viscaria Passion

Height 45cm
Spread 45cm
Full sun
Frost hardy

Botanical name Lychnis viscaria Passion

Plant uses

Can be grown in groups or individually for general garden use. Ideal for edging garden borders, pathways or paved areas. Can be grown in decorative containers for mobile colour. Flowers can be used in fresh floral arrangements or dried for floral crafts and pot pourri. Foliage is also attractive for year round interest.

Cultural care

Prefers a full sun location in most soil types given good drainage. Low watering requirements withstanding some dryness but should be watered regularly during extended periods of heat. No pruning required although trimming off spent flower stems will encourage a lengthier display. An application of a slow release fertiliser after flowering would be beneficial to overall performance.