Lithodora Baby Blue

Height 25cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Lithodora diffusa Baby Blue

Variety Profile

Forming a low spreading mound of fine foliage, this compact perennial is ideal for filling 'gaps' in the perennial border. Masses of dainty blue, star-shaped flowers cloak the foliage from mid spring continuing through to early summer.

Cultural Care

A full sun position is preferred although light shade will be tolerated. Will grow in most soil types providing there is good drainage. Low maintenance requiring only a light trim after main flowering flush to encourage new growth and further flower production. Frost hardy.

An application of slow release fertiliser during early spring would be beneficial.

Plant Uses

An ideal plant for rock gardens or for filling gaps between perennials in garden borders. Mix with other blue, mauve or white flowering plants for a soft, cool colour scheme or alternatively plant in small drifts of two to three plants in a hot coloured border of yellows, oranges etc. to give the eye some relief from these spectacular but sometimes overwhelming displays.


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