• Tough and water wise
  • Pollinator friendly plant
  • Great when mass planted

Botanical name Limonium Perezii Blue

Height 60cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Full sun/part shade

Botanical name Limonium Perezii Blue

Plant uses

Ideal for use in coastal gardens, rockeries and perennial borders. Foliage forms a crown of large, leathery leaves that offer textural interest in garden plantings year round and should not be overlooked as a feature on its own. Creating large groups of 3-5 plants or borders of this limonium will result in low maintenance feature all year long.

  • Flowers are terrific for use in  both fresh or dry floral arrangements retaining their colour over a long period.
  • Containers, small or narrow spaces.
  • Embankments, rockeries and retaining walls.
  • Coastal zones and poolside landscaping.

Cultural care

Performs best in a full sun position in most soil types which are well draining.
Apply a complete fertiliser during early spring and remove spent blooms after main flowering to tidy and encourage further displays.