• Fast growing and showy plant forming a dense, low mat of foliage.
  • Large, pink daisy-like flowers over warmer months.
  • Water wise and great in containers as well as gardens.

Botanical name Erigeron glauca Sea Breeze

Height 40cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun/part shade

Botanical name Erigeron glauca Sea Breeze

Plant uses

  • Ideal for containers and small gardens
  • Will cascade over walls and down embankments
  • Wildflower, cottage or natural style gardens
  • Mass plant for low maintenance areas
  • Attracts butterflies and other pollinators

Cultural care

Grows well in most soil types which are well draining.  Dry and frost tolerant once root system is established.  No pruning necessary other than to tidy if required. Removing spent flowers can also prolong flowering period.  Apply a slow release fertiliser during early autumn.  Mulch well to help retain moisture during dry periods.