• Improved compact and non-invasive variety
  • Low maintenace and dry tolerant
  • Very long flowering - through warmer months.

Botanical name Erigeron karvinskianus Spindrift

Height 20cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun

Botanical name Erigeron karvinskianus Spindrift

Plant uses

  • Ground cover for low maintenance areas
  • Edging paths or fronts of borders
  • Small gardens or spaces
  • Containers
  • Coastal zones
  • Poolside landscapes
  • Rockeries or embankments

Cultural care

Grows well in most soil types that are well draining. Low water requirements once established but an occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat is recommended. Pruning is generally not required although a light trim during periods when flowering is minimal will encourage a denser habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring.