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Abelia Bobbie
Abelia Bumble Bee
Abelia Kaleidoscope
Abelia Snow Fields
Agapanthus Silver Baby
Agastache Apricot Fiesta
Agastache Candy Pink Fiesta
Agastache Lemon Fiesta
Agastache Pink Fiesta
Agastache Raspberry Fiesta
Agastache Salmon and Pink Fiesta
Agastache Sunrise Fiesta
Agathosma Star Showers Pink
Ajuga Black Scallop
Alyogyne West Coast Gem
Anemone Bowles Purple
Anemone Little Princess
Anemone Marchenfee
Anemone Pamina
Anemone Queen Charlotte
Anemone Whirlwind
Anisodontea Dryspell Raspberry
Aquilegia Midget White
Arctotis Silverdust Glow
Arctotis Silverdust Pink
Arctotis Silverdust Sunshine
Arenaria Montana Snow
Armeria Bees Lilac
Armeria Bees Pink
Armeria Bees Ruby
Armeria Pink Petite
Armeria Pretty Petite
Arthropodium Te Puna
Bracteantha Daisy Fields Gold
Brunoniella Little Blue Trumpets
Campanula Resholdts Variety
Ceanothus Blue Pacific
Ceratostigma Dryspell Sapphire
Ceratostigma Summer Sky
Choysia White Dazzler
Convolvulus Full Moon
Convolvulus Lilac Moon
Convolvulus Moroccan Beauty
Convolvulus Pink Moon
Convolvulus Silvery Moon
Convolvulus Two Moons
Coreopsis Jive
Coreopsis Little Penny
Coreopsis Pink Lady
Coreopsis Rum Punch
Coreopsis Salsa
Correa Autumn Blaze
Corydalis Blue Line
Cosmos Chocoholic
Cuphea Tiny Mice
Cymbalaria Kenilworth Blue
Daphne Eternal Fragrance
Daphne Spring Pink Eternal Fragrance
Dianthus Candy Floss
Dianthus Coconut Sundae
Dianthus Memories
Dianthus Passion
Dianthus Rebekah
Dianthus Romance
Dianthus Sugar Plum
Dianthus Waterloo Sunset
Erigeron Seaside Pink
Erigeron Spindrift
Erodium Spanish Eyes
Escallonia Hedge With Edge
Escallonia Peach Blossom
Escallonia Red Carpet
Escallonia Red Elf
Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy
Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow
Euphorbia Craigieburn
Euphorbia Rudolf
Euphorbia Silver Swan
Euphorbia Tiny Tim
Gaura Passionate Blush
Gaura Passionate Pink
Gaura Passionate Rainbow
Gaura Pink Lady
Gentiana Cashmere Blue
Geranium Biokovo
Geranium Karmina
Geranium Ruby Trinkets
Geranium Westray
Geum Flames of Passion
Geum Pink Frills
Hebe Baby Marie
Hebe Hedge With Edge
Hebe Lady Ardilaun
Hebe Summer Blue
Helianthemum Fire Dragon Sunrose
Helianthemum Pink Angel Sunrose
Helianthemum Pink Sunrose
Helichrysum Hi Ho Silver
Helichrysum Icicles
Helichrysum Licorice
Hellebore Ivory Prince
Hellebore Joy Bouquet
Hellebore Pennys Pink
Hellebore Winter Sunshine
Hemerocallis Cranberry Baby
Hemerocallis On and On
Hemerocallis Stella Bella
Heterocentron Spanish Shawl
Iberis Winter Glow
Knautia Egyptian Rose
Lamium Candy Frost
Lamium Orchid Frost
Lamium Snow n Frost
Lamium Stormy Frost
Lampranthus Pink Explosion
Lavandula Blueberry Ruffles
Lavandula Boysenberry Ruffles
Lavandula Lavender Lace
Lavandula Mulberry Ruffles
Lavandula Pukehou
Lavandula Riverina James
Lavandula Sugarberry Ruffles
Lavandula The Princess Lavender
Lavandula Violet Lace
Lavandula Winter Lace
Lavandula With Love
Lavatera Maritima
Lavender Patch Salvation
Lavender Strawberry Ruffles
Lavender Sweetberry Ruffles
Leucanthemum Sunshine Peach
Leucochrysum Paper Doll
Leucophyta Silver Bullion
Limonium Perezii Blue
Lithodora Baby Blue
Lomandra Little Con
Loropetalum Blonde n Gorgeous
Loropetalum China Pink
Loropetalum Daybreak Flame
Loropetalum Flame n Gorgeous
Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous
Lychnis Passion
Nemesia Amelie
Nemesia Berrie White
Nemesia Berries and Cream
Nemesia Blueberry Ripple
Nemesia Lilacberry Ripple
Nemesia Pinkberry Ripple
Nemesia Raspberries and Cream
Nemesia Strawberry Ripple
Nemesia White Confetti
Nepeta Dropmore
Nepeta Lemon Nip
Nepeta Little Titch
Oenothera Twilight
Origanum Bellissimo
Orthrosanthus Morning Star
Pelargonium Dryspell Crimson
Pelargonium Fairy Pink
Pennisetum Purple Fountain
Penstemon Bell Tower Mauve
Penstemon Bell Tower Pink
Penstemon Bell Tower Purple
Penstemon Bell Tower Raspberry
Penstemon Bell Tower Red
Penstemon Purpleiciuos
Penstemon Roy Davidson
Phlox Amethyst
Phlox McDaniels Cushion
Phlox Minnie Pearl
Phlox Minnie Pink
Phlox Pink Cloak
Phlox Scarlet Flame
Plectranthus Mona Lavender
Plumbago Royal Cape
Polemonium Blue Dove
Polemonium Lambrook Mauve
Polygala Little Bibi
Pulmonaria Electric Blue
Rhodanthe Paper Baby
Rhodanthe Paper Cascade
Rhodanthe Paper Star
Rhodanthemum African Eyes
Rosmarinus Irene
Rosmarinus Mozart
Salvia African Sky
Salvia Anthony Parker
Salvia Aztec Blue
Salvia Blue Mound
Salvia Caradonna
Salvia Dusky Lavender
Salvia East Friesland
Salvia Embers Wish
Salvia Heatwave Blast
Salvia Heatwave Blaze
Salvia Heatwave Brilliance
Salvia Heatwave Glare
Salvia Heatwave Glimmer
Salvia Heatwave Glitter
Salvia Heatwave Glow
Salvia Heatwave Radiance
Salvia Heatwave Sizzle
Salvia Heatwave Sparkle
Salvia Hot Lips
Salvia Impact Purple
Salvia Impact-Pink
Salvia Joan
Salvia Limelight
Salvia Lolly
Salvia Love and Wishes
Salvia Mexican Blue
Salvia oxyphora
Salvia Pink Friesland
Salvia Pink Icicles
Salvia Santa Barbara
Salvia Sierra Coral
Salvia Sierra Pink
Salvia Sierra Red
Salvia Snow Mound
Salvia Velour Pink
Salvia Velour White
Salvia Waverly
Salvia Wendys Wish
Santolina Little Silver
Scabiosa Crimson Clouds
Scabiosa Rosies Pink
Sedum Chocolate Blob
Sedum Green Blob
Sedum Purple Blob
Sedum Silver Blob
Silene Short and Sweet
Stokesia Blue Danube
Stokesia Blue Parasols
Sutera Dark Pink
Sutera Light Pink
Sutera Starlight
Tetratheca Fairy Bells
Teucrium Silver Box
Teucrium Silver n Sapphires
Thymus Pink Buttons
Tibouchina Cool Baby
Tibouchina Groovy Baby
Tibouchina Peace Baby
Tulbaghia Dark Star
Tulbaghia Fairy Star
Tulbaghia Galaxy
Tulbaghia Milky Way
Tulbaghia Silver Lace
Tulbaghia Starlet
Verbena Fragrant Verbena
Verbena Homestead Purple
Verbena Purple Passion
Viola Blue Moon
Viola Corsican Prince
Viola Czar
Viola Etain
Viola Starry Night

Gentiana Cashmere Blue

Growing Conditions:
Full Sun
Full Sun/Part Shade
Frost Hardy (Below 1c)
Common Name:

Variety Profile

A prolific display of large bell-shaped flowers of vibrant cobalt blue smothers foliage from late summer into autumn. Neat mounding habit and easy to grow for small or narrow spaces.

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Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining. No pruning is generally required although older foliage can be removed once new growth appears in spring to tidy appearance. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Mulch well
to help retain moisture during dry periods.

Plant Uses

•Low light areas
•Front of mixed borders
•Wildflower gardens 
•General garden use